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Gifted Connections

Join hosts Emma Nicholson and Chris Wells for Episode 31 with Celi Trépanier

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Dr. Chris Wells
Emma Nicholson
What can be positive about disintegration? Join us for an exploration of positive disintegration through conversation and shared stories. It’s a framework for understanding a variety of intense experiences that often look and feel like mental illness, but which can also be viewed as building blocks for creating an authentic personality.

In episode 31, Chris and Emma talked with Celi Trépanier, author, blogger, and parent, about the gifted community and the challenges of raising gifted kids and being a gifted adult. Together, we talk about the importance of friendships, connections, and support within the gifted community.

Celi was Chris’s first friend in the gifted world. Celi held space and supported Chris during those first years when she was studying the theory of positive disintegration and giftedness while trying to find a way forward in her work. Celi and Chris share their story and talk about the important role friendship plays in gifted journeys.

We also addressed the disconnect between research and practice in gifted education, as well as the disconnect between teachers and parents. Misunderstandings about gifted children, the lack of awareness that this difference goes beyond an educational label, and the stereotypes about the gifted were all mentioned. It’s clear from our conversation that giftedness doesn’t always feel like a gift. We talked about bullying and its impact on children and the fact that there’s bullying in adult spaces as well.

However, we also talked about the importance of holding space within the gifted community. How we can support each other and help each other through “the muck of giftedness.” It’s not easy for those of us who are sensitive to be vulnerable and share in online communities on social media, but we still find ways to be present for the people who need us. All three of us have provided mirrors to our audiences because we want to help others feel seen and understood.

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